We are closed until further notice starting April 10



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My heart and prayers go out daily to everyone, friends and neighbors, especially those of us who are most vulnerable in these challenging times. After elected to close for the past week, I have had time to reflect on my role during this epidemic, particularly on the fact that I am trained as a biological scientist. Whether to hang up my chef's hat and don a lab coat as a researcher, where my skills and knowledge can be better served. News from my former colleagues and scientific circle were quite encouraging. Some of their work are actually in trials. So I decided that, like the National Guard, I am prepared and willing to be called forth if there was ever an urgent need.

In the mean time, I feel responsible for my staff, who has actually just been recently hired and worked really hard to make ends meet. In addition to financial obligations, where I have no other means to fulfill, and the commitment to our community, I have discussed opening our kitchen with my staff on a limited basis. This entails working on a pre-order and delivery model. Our space will be physically closed to the public, but we will still be preparing foods for deliveries. This way minimal contacts will be required and people can remain in their safe spaces.  

If you would like to pre-order, please give us a call or email us your order and online from 10am-12pm. We will be making delivery rounds from 12:30pm-2pm. 


Place PRE-ORDER    -   10AM to 12PM

DELIVERIES window -  12:30PM to 2PM

Email: ducsdeliveries@gmail.com
Telephone:  203-691-1470

Online Ordering [CLICK HERE]


We will all get through this! 

Gratefully yours.



Starting March 24th

Pre-Order:   10AM to 12PM

Deliveries:    12:30PM to 2PM

Email: ducsdeliveries@gmail.com

Telephone 203-691-1470

Online Ordering